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Where can I find Pima cotton bed sheets?

Where can I find Pima cotton bed sheets?

I have been looking for some pima cotton bed sheets for a few weeks now. I had began to give up hope of finding a good set of pima cotton bed sheets until the other day.

My husband and I went to my cousins wedding that was held out of town, so we decided to stay in the hotel that they were having the wedding at. We grabbed a nice room and treated it as if it was a mini vacation.

While crawling into bed after the wedding, I noticed that the sheets I was sleeping on was pima cotton. I was so excited. So I talked to the hotel manager and found out where they got their pima cotton sheets from.

She said that they use to get Egyptian Cotton bed sheets, but that they had recently switched to Pima cotton. She directed me to a website called Bed Space to find the perfect set of pima cotton bed sheets for myself.

Pima Cotton

At first, I was a little hesitant about purchasing pima cotton bed sheets from them. But then I seen all of the amazing and unique designs and color patterns that they had available and decided to just go for it.

Plus, I read some of the reviews that they had on the website and I must say, I was pretty impressed. So I figured that I had nothing to lose.

Once my pima cotton bed sheets came in, I knew that I had made the right decision. These pima cotton sheets were like nothing else that I had ever tried before.

The Best

The pima cotton bed sheets were super soft. I have never felt anything so soft in my life. Not even my Egyptian Cotton bed sheets could compare. Although my husband still thinks that out Egyptian Cotton bed sheets are the best bed sheets that he has ever owned.

The pima cotton bed sheets did not fade in the washing machine. Which was a complete surprise considering that most of the bed sheet sets that I have owned before have faded.

There are just so many great qualities of these pima cotton bed sheets that it is hard not to want to recommend them to anyone else. You can read more about pima cotton bed sheets here.


How To Water Damage Repair

How To Water Damage Repair

WeDryMiami.comHaving water damage in the home is something that is simultaneously challenging to deal with as well as expensive to deal with. Water damage is something that can come in large and small scales and if you have encountered it in your home then you will want to try and have it repaired as soon as possible. There are numerous steps and methods that need to be used in order to repair your home water damage but whether or not it is something that can be handled by yourself is something that depends strictly on how extensive the water damage is.

If you are dealing with small scale water damage such as light mold or staining then you should be able to take on these types by yourself. All you need is a respirator and good cleaning solution. Any light surface mold you discover can be cleaned up easily enough. After you have cleaned it up with the cleaning solution by following the instructions you should then let the room ventilate and dry out for a bit. If you have a dehumidifier then you need to put to work in this scenario. Removing the moisture will help make whatever room you are working with non-hospitable for mold growth as mold loves to grow in hot, moist areas.

Large scale water damage such as structural damage, heavy mold, or any pungent smells should be handled by professional water damage experts. If you aren’t sure how to deal with it but try anyway you could make a mistake ad either cause further damage to your home or accidentally leave behind mold which could continue to spread. Mold can be dangerous as can structural issues so it is almost always a good idea to call in an expert to assess the damage and fix it for you. If you do decide you’d rather go the diy route, you should consider at least having an expert come and assess what you’ve done when you’re finished just to make sure you haven’t either missed anything or done something incorrectly.