Are Sheets Made From Egyptian Cotton Worth The Extra Cost

Are Sheets Made From Egyptian Cotton Worth The Extra Cost

Is driving a luxury sedan more comfortable than driving a compact car? Is a trip to Paris more enjoyable than a weekend at the lake? Some people might prefer compact cars and a trip to the lake, but most of us had rather drive a Cadillac and go on that trip to Paris. This is how you can compare sleeping on sheets made from regular cotton and sheets made from Egyptian cotton. The difference will be obvious to you as soon as you slide in between their comfy softness!

While it is true that sheets made from Egyptian cotton can get quite pricey, there are a few good reasons why. You will get extra softness and a silkier feeling sheet and it is likely to last longer than sheets made from inferior cotton. However, just the same as with cheaper bed sheets, the thickness of the material will depend on the thread count. Some folks like a thicker sheet and some prefer them a little lighter feeling.

So exactly how much are these marvelous sheets? Well, there is a good range of prices to choose from. The size of the sheets will also be a factor. A twin set of sheets always cost far less than a queen set or a king set. For a California King sheet set, the price can range from about $150 all the way up to $350 and more for 1500 thread count. Of course, you can get them in 400, 500, 600 and other thread counts which can also make a big difference in price.

As with any other household products you buy, where you shop can make a big difference too. Department store chains are likely to be cheaper, but may also have less well made products. Specialty shops tend to cost more, but can have better workmanship. Shopping on line is one of the best ways to compare prices as well as quality and get the very best selection available from around the world and end up with the most luxurious Egyptian cotton sheets.

So, what makes the real difference in the feel and longevity of wear when it comes to Egyptian cotton verses regular cotton?Egyptian cotton and regular cotton like we see in the USA can come from the same types of plants, but in the end products there is a difference because of where the cotton is grown. The Nile River Valley area is very moist and is an ideal region to grow cotton.

The difference in the moist climate makes a difference in the length of the cotton fibers themselves. A simple thing really, but a vast difference in the end product. The longer fibers of the Egyptian cotton means less splicing in the thread and yarn process. It can make thinner threads and once woven into fabric gives a softer feel that ends up holding up longer. The more these threads are washed, the thicker and softer they become. It isn’t even necessary to a fabric softener!

In the end, if you want to drive a Cadillac, you have to pay for a Cadillac. If you want a trip to Paris, you will spend more money than for a trip to the lake. If you want Egyptian cotton sheets, then you will likely spend more for those too, but won’t it be worth the difference when you wake up feeling so refreshed because you invested in more comfortable and relaxing bed linens?.

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